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    Fujian Highton Development Co., LTD. Was established in March 2009, is specialized in shipping business, which is mainly focused on the domestic and international bulk cargo transport, is one of largest cargo volume companies trade from the gulf of bohai bay to the Yangtze river of coal transportation, is also the high quality in shipping assets, fine management, lower cost of shipping company.

    The company has 15 vessels under its control, with a total domestic and foreign trade capacity of 780,000 deadweight tons, and domestic trade capacity ranking among the top five domestic dry bulk shipping enterprises.The company has also owned COA with COSCO SHIPPING, CHINA HUADIAN CORPORATION, CHINA HUANENG GROUP, CONCH, NINGBO SHIPPING, ZHEJIANG MATERIALS INDUSTRY GROUP and TIANJIN GUODIAN CORPORATION and other large state-owned enterprise customers, and established a long-term stable cooperative relationship.The company is also one of the members of "China coastal (bulk) freight index compilation committee" of Shanghai shipping exchange,Comprehensive strength has been recognized by the shipping professional organizations.

    Since its establishment, the company has received equity investment from famous domestic investment institutions such as INDUSTRIAL SECURITIES CAPITAL, SUNNER INDUSTRIAL,GOESSENCE INVESTMENT,INDUSTRIAL SECURITIES, HUAFU SECURITIES and SHANGHAI SECURITIES.Recently, based on the overall strategic layout requirments,initiative to apply for the termination of listing from the new three board, and is now actively preparing for the domestic IPO.


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